Job Profile - Graphic Designer

We are looking for Graphic Designer who is able to convert the creative brief into a visually appealing layout and visualize and create engaging content for a corporate audience. This includes design, character creation, and delivering high quality and innovative graphic content. Should have expert knowledge of media production, good communication skills, able to create storyboards, special effects, animation using film, video, computers etc., for use in corporate/marketing videos, animated Infographics and product demos.

Job Description: (Roles & Responsibilities)

• Work with illustrators, designers and instructional designers to understand the project scope and objectives.
• Assist in the creation of animation storyboards and presentations.
• Prepare conceptual layouts for the motion graphic project.
• Participate in brainstorming sessions to share new design perspectives and ideas.
• Provide accurate time estimates for each part of the process.
• Video editing knowledge will be an added advantage.
• Assist in selecting appropriate audio, graphic and animation styles for the project.
• Encoding, converting and editing videos and adding effects/elements to enhance motion graphics.
• Support the design and illustration team with photo editing, bespoke illustration and icon design.
• Responsible for training and developing others in the use of animation software.
• Keeping abreast of advancements in animation as well as new technologies and techniques, contemporary trends in production design and popular music to deliver cutting edge work.
• Think creatively and develop new design concepts, graphics , layouts and animation.
• Responsible for working in hand with the design and illustration team, aiding with the creation of assets, then bringing them to life and delivering high quality and innovative graphics & motion graphic contents.
• You will be an integral part of every stage in the creative process, from conceptualization to client amends.

Key Skills:

• Must be a Professional having good experience in Photoshop, Illustrator, Corel draw, and other designing/animation software.

Essential Skills:

• Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
• Detail knowledge of Print and Display media would be an advantage.
• Ability to solve an array of challenges through visual design.
• Ability to work collaboratively as part of a team and to respond proactively and when required.
• Strong organizational skills and ability to manage multiple projects and deliver to tight deadlines.
• Ability to think of new ideas and should be able to handle things Independently.
• Good awareness of design trends and creative thinking.
• Creative, with a high degree of flexibility.
• Must be able to mediate creative problems to arrive at the best solution.
• Self starter with the ability to work independently and collaborate with a team.
• Dedicated to own learning and development.
• Flexile to work for extra time, if required.

Essential Experience & Qualifications:

• Freshers Are Welcome - (Depends On Skills)
• At least 3 years graphic design experience including video production design and animation.
• Bachelor Degree or Specialization in Graphic Design or Motion Graphics preferred.
• Strong portfolio showcasing high-end digital design skills.

Job Type:

• Permanent, Full Time


• Experienced Candidates - 3–5 yrs


• Fixed : Depends On Candidate
• Variable : Performance Basis


What does ArtiimaZ® do?

How do I apply to ArtiimaZ® ?

The easiest way is online through our careers page. If you have any questions about career opportunities or applying for a job at ArtiimaZ®, please read our FAQ section or direct contact us at

What's the best thing about working at ArtiimaZ® ?

It has to be the people and, of course, the amazing projects you get to work on. We are very lucky to already have the world-class talent; you need to create world-class project with us.

What's the interview process like?

First, your work will be reviewed by our heads of department. If we are actually looking for someone with your skill set to join our team, we will contact you to find out a little more about you, what you are looking for, what your availability is and where you are currently working. The next step is In general though, it could involve a telephone interview after that an interview, normally with the relevant head of department. We always aim to give you some feedback within the week and, even if we don't have a role for you right away, we will still stay in touch in case a suitable position comes up.

Do & Don't before you apply (Demo reel )

• First, make sure it's your best work, the things you are really proud of.
• Include an up-to-date CV and a breakdown of your work to tell us more about what you have done.
• Online is the most accessible format for us. So, if you have your show-reel / Projects on a website, let us have the link.
• Let us know where you're working and what you're working on (we know you may not be able to show us anything).
• Keep it short and to the point. Two or three minutes are all it takes to show us what you can do.
• If you can, tell us how you did it. suppose, If you're a compositor, show us the mattes and passes you used.

What if I am interested in multiple positions? Can I apply for more than one position?

Yes. Please apply for each position of interest that matches your experience and the requirements stated in the job description. Your application will be considered against each job for which you apply.

What should I do if I have submitted an application, but I have not yet heard anything back?

We thank you for your interest in a career at ArtiimaZ. The ArtiimaZ® recruiting team is reviewing your individual capabilities and qualifications to determine if your experience matches our requirements. If so, you will be contacted directly by a recruiter with next steps. We encourage you to check the status of your application(s) by logging into your account and clicking on the My Career Tools link at the top of the page.

What can I expect on my first day at ArtiimaZ® ?

You can certainly expect to be busy. Like any company, we want you to have as much information about us as possible and there will be lots to learn. We run our induction sessions on Mondays, so if you join us then you will have a full induction with HR and then your specific teams.

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